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Our Perspective

Whether we like it or not, taxes are a part of our lives.  From the birth of our children, to the passing of our parents, our tax situations change and evolve.  Going to college, starting or changing a job, a new home, a better home, all of these events in our everyday lives are touched by ever changing tax laws.  When you make important life decisions about home, work and family, you seek out the advice and knowledge of your friends, relatives and peers.  You wouldn’t make such big decisions alone and when it comes to preparing your taxes year after year, you want to make sure that all of those goals in your ever changing life are being protected and supported.


At Quality Tax and Business Partners, we too have families to protect and careers to build and dreams to follow.  When you meet with one of our professionals to review and prepare your taxes, we bring to the table the extensive tax knowledge and training to help you minimize your tax burden while growing your assets safely and allow you to be confident that the tomorrow we help you build will protect and support your family for generations to come.  We take a holistic approach to tax preparation.  We will review your past, current and future goals to prepare the most accurate tax return, taking into account your whole financial picture.


How Are We Different?

  • One on one consultation – we ask the relevant questions to obtain the necessary information

  • We utilize the latest scanning technology to insure the accuracy of your data, while allowing you to retain your original copies for safekeeping

  • Transparent pricing – you will know the cost of your return upon completion of the initial consultation (no hidden costs)

  • Your time is too valuable- after the initial consultation, you are free to go back to your busy day, while our team works on your return (quick turnaround times)

  • Our team collectively reviews each tax return to ensure accuracy and explore every advantage for financial success

  • We are a year-round partner for your tax planning, tax issues and questions

  • We have a collective of Financial Advisors, Mortgage Advisors, attorneys specializing in trusts and estates, and college planners available for consultation

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